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My Ultimate DIY: My Wedding.

I'd like to think I'm pretty good at all things DIY, but my ultimate super, top of the line, taking the cake is my wedding.  My husband and I got married 3 weeks after my High School graduation, and because of our situation at the time we got married in the Court House. Of course, I wanted my dream wedding so I wasn't going to settle. I started planning, and practically stalking wedding websites for ideas. I definitely recommend to all of you! You can create your own account, and they have so many ideas for DIY weddings. It's absolutely amazing. Pinterest is also a good idea, they have lots of ideas too.

For starters, I found my dress on Craigslist. Sounds crazy right? No. It's not. I paid $175 for my dress, and it was exactly what I wanted. It had a sweetheart neckline, a medium length train, and off the shoulders lace. Perfect for me. And after all my alterations, I paid $250 total for my whole dress. So many women that have gotten divorces, or never ended up getting married sell their dresses online for cheap. Many of you would think, "isn't that a cursed dress?!" Meh,  it didn't bother me one bit. There is also a website called They make designer dresses for literally, about $100-$200!! It's in China, and all you to do is take your measurements and send them in. I wish I would've known about this before I bought my dress! I knew a few other Navy Wives that had bought their dresses from here, so it's legit. I promise. (:

Now, for the wedding party attire!
My shoes, I bought at Journeys on clearance for $10. I wanted the vintage/alternative look, so I bought black and white saddle shoes. I still wear them to this day with skinny jeans of course! (: My husband also wore black and white vans! Our bridesmaids and groomsmen all bought their attire from Express! All together their whole outfit was less than $70, and they all bought them themselves. The groomsmen bought their Vans at journeys, and the fedoras were one of the bridesmaids grandfathers, and she was super happy to have them in my wedding! My girls went barefoot since we were on the beach, and heels would've been a bad bad bad idea! But for dinner they wore black peep toe heels. My mom, and one of my bridesmaids are both Cosmetologists, so our hair/makeup was free!
My sister made my birdcage veil, from a tutorial she found online. All together, she spent less than $5. Which is much better than nearly $200! The flower in my hair was re-purposed from her wedding. She bought it at Davids Bridal, only to realize she didn't like it; so I gladly took it off of her hands!
I also made little gift bags for my girls which included: matching panties, finger nail polish, red lipstick, hair flowers, bobby pins, deodorant, kleenex, and sunscreen. You can never be too safe!

Next, our bouquets!
My bridesmaids, my mother, and I all went to Hobby Lobby and basically just started throwing floral pieces together. I had looked online at different pieces I liked, so I had an idea in mind. I wanted something with pheasant feathers, and very dark colors. Our bouquets ended up being around $10 a piece. And it was a bonding moment for all of us, because the night before we made them together. Not to mention, they'll last forever!

Our venue, was completely free! We did it at the beach on Naval Station Mayport, where my husband is stationed. We did it near the end of the beach where it's normally secluded, and at sunset to avoid having beach goers around. There were a few people present on the beach, but they were VERY polite and tried to keep their distance. It didn't bother me any. Actually, it made me feel good seeing people "oooh, and aweee" over my wedding.
Our chairs we rented from the MWR on base, for $1 a chair! We wanted fancy wooden ones, but for $20 a piece I wasn't having it. The ones we ended up getting were plastic, but looked just like the wooden chairs. For my aisle I bought candle holders, tea lights, and decorative rocks from Dollar Tree. My husband actually set them up for me while I was still getting ready! We didn't need an officiant since we were already married; instead my brother did the ring exchange and read a poem he had wrote for us. We also read our own vows. 

I also found my photographer on Craigslist! You can find many photography students, or new photographers starting out that will do your wedding for their portfolio for FREE! My photographer was a stay-at-home mom, and she did photography just as a hobby! She did such a good job, and we only paid $250 for 3 hours! We also got all the rights to our pictures, a disc with all photos, and even got some prints. I was willing to spend a little extra cash for a photographer, because this is a moment I wanted captured beautifully forever. But you should ALWAYS check Craigslist first! You'll be surprised.

Now, for the cake!
In Florida we have a grocery store called Publix. It's sort of like a Kroger. Josh and I went and tried samples of their different cakes, and decided on one that tasted amazing AND looked really pretty! We bought a small cake for the two of us, and everyone else had matching cupcakes. Originally we were going to get red velvet cupcakes, but they were about $4 each so we ended up going with normal chocolate and vanilla with cream cheese frosting for about 75 cents a piece. Fortunately, I batted my eyes and was super sweet to the bakery worker and she offered to dress them up to match the cake, FOR FREE. I was beyond excited. I borrowed a four tier appetizer tray from a bridesmaid, and it was just perfect for the cake/cupcakes!
Our cake topper was a generic topper we bought at Wal-Mart for about $10. My husband and I both have a love for anything zombie. We watch The Walking Dead religiously, and he's read all the comics. Anyways, I had seen several ideas online that people were painting toppers to make them look like robots, or star wars, etc. We had a friend paint ours, to look like zombies of course! 

For our dinner, Josh and I had looked at getting catering, but at $30 a head it was just going to cost way too much money. Instead, we looked into a vintage restaurant the beach called Ragtimes. They let me create my own menu, and closed off part of the restaurant just for us. They even had a live jazz band playing that night, so it was just perfect for our vintage theme! After everything, we ended up paying about $13 a person!

I had the wedding of my dreams, and we paid very very little for it. It was the best day of my life, and it just goes to show that you don't have to spend tons of money for it to be beautiful and perfect.

I love being in love with him.

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  1. No comments! How can that be?? =) I just wanted to say I came across your blog randomly and really enjoyed reading your great ideas and looking at the lovely pictures. I especially like your gown (so much classier than the ubiquitous strapless ones--they're too plain and look good on hardly anyone), and the bridesmaids' outfits, and the flowers. Oh, and the beach wedding, simple but fresh and elegant! May your marriage be blessed.


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