Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tutorial: Sisal Rope Bowl.

I was snooping around DIY blogs the other day, and found this;

Kate from Centsational Girl made an amazing rope bowl! So, of course I decided I could do it too!


  • 50 ft of 1/4" thick sisal rope; I bought mine at lowes for $6
  • Clear, or Metal bowl; I bought mine at dollar tree!
  • Glue Gun, I suggest using low heat if you're going to glue to plastic
  • About 12 glue sticks
I started at the top of my bowl, and in the beginning hot glued my rope about every 3 inches. Later, I found it to be easier just to glue along all the rope using small amounts of glue. (Valerie's in the background, addicted to pinterest.)

    Once you've finished the outside of the bowl, start the inside! I suggest starting at the bottom!

    And, done! Now you have a super cute rope bowl! (I haven't gotten around to putting anything in it yet, so it's not that pretty.)

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