Our Fur Babies

My husband and I are the proud parents of two dogs!
When my husband and I first got married, we had decided that we wanted to bring a companion into the home; and we both weren't ready for children. (We still aren't!) While Josh was at work, I had contacted a woman on Craigslist who was giving away a puppy for free. She had 3 dogs, and one had serious health problems and she could no longer afford them. That's when I met Lola. My husband came home to a puppy, and was completely taken by surprise. She was the light of our life, and still is. Although, she's attached my hip at all times. She definitely has to be the center attention. She is a rottweiler pitbull mix, and has more energy than 5 puppies combined! We take LOTS of trips to the dog park.

As Lola got older, we realized that she needed her own little furry companion. For Valentines day Joshua took me puppy shopping. By puppy shopping, I mean animal shelter shopping. I've always had strong feelings about adopting over buying from breeders. There's so many homeless animals who deserve good homes, and are just as good as pure breeds. Better, in my opinion! (: Anyways! Then we found Oso, a sweet hearted golden retriever mix! The shelter had found him, and several other puppies in a dumpster. When we first got him, he was deathly afraid of his own shadow. He'd piddle on the floor, just from us reaching down to pet him. But, with lots of love and many trips to the dog park he started warming up to people and is such a lover! He instantly won us over, and has been such an amazing pup. 

I love this picture of the both of them so much, it shows their personalities so well! 

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