Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tutorial: Gallery Wall

I showed you a sneak peak in my last post of the gallery wall I was doing for my sister. Remember these?

Well, I finally finished them and I'm really satisfied with how they turned out!


  • 8-15 frames. I bought mine from various thrift stores. I also bought a mirror, and the key. I spent about $10!
  • Clip-art. I found most of mine on Google. For example; I searched for "Owl Silhouette." I also used this website. 
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black gloss spray paint
  • Painters tape
First measure your frames. That way you know what sizes of clip-art to print. Then you can start taking your frames apart, and spray painting them all. Make sure you tape off your mirror before you paint it. Use something to lay  under them so you don't spray your grass or table. I used an old towel that was ruined with hair color.
At first I used the cheap 96 cent spray paint from Walmart. Big mistake. It was really watery, and didn't cover well at all. I went to Ace Hardware and bought "Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover 2X Coverage" in Gloss Black, and it is absolutely amazing! I barely used any of the can! It was only 3 bucks too.

While the frames are drying go online and find the images you'd like to use. My sister had an inspiration page from a magazine, so I just went off of that. Then using Microsoft Word, I printed them off. I used the margin ruler as a guide in order to print the images in the size that I needed. 

Then using the glass from the frame I traced around the photo. That way they would be exact for the frame.

Cut out all your images, and simply add them to the correct frames!
I sent this picture below in a picture message to my husband, and he replied with "Cool, where'd you buy those?!" He thought they were store bought! This whole project was less than $20!
Sorry about the picture too. I just laid them out on the couch. It's a gift for my sister, and I wasn't about to create holes in the wall and hang them just for my blog.

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